This service is for people buying a condo and who find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of information they are receiving. At AWQS Consulting we care that buyers are getting value on their investment.

We provide building and unit inspections and/or documentation reviews for any person purchasing a Condominium or Strata property in British Columbia. As buying a condo/strata unit is the largest investment most people will make in their lives, we understand the importance of knowing and understanding all the facts about your potential investment. We have conducted approximately 600 building condition inspections to date in British Columbia. We can assist you in a walkthrough of the apartment building and review all the documents including the depreciation report if it is available.

The depreciation report outlines the buildings financial information regarding your investment. As it is a complex document, many people struggle to understand the true condition of the building and the reserve fund. The balance in the contingency reserve fund is one of the most important numbers in this document. The percentage funded is of even more significance, as it can inform you about the health of the reserve fund. This will enable you to predict whether to expect special levies down the line or not. We can assist you in calculating the Current Reserve Fund Requirement. We believe this is the most significant number to any buyer of a strata unit. This is the amount of money that should be in the reserve fund in order to make the fund a healthy fund. Some buildings don’t have depreciation reports and some do not include this number. If they do not, we have the expertise to calculate it using the information available.

We also review the other documents you receive including:

  • Form B
  • Engineering reports
  • Last two years of strata minutes
  • General meeting minutes
  • Start plan

We are here to help you make an informed decision on your investment/home because we care.