At AWQS Consulting we provide depreciation reports, commonly known as reserve fund studies. With approximately 550 inspections, reports and capital plans to date, we are one of the most experienced companies in British Columbia.

The depreciation report includes the following:

1. A physical component inventory and evaluation of the common elements.

2. A summary of repairs and maintenance work for common expenses respecting the items that usually occur less often than once a year or that do not usually occur.

3. A financial forecasting section.

4. The name of the person from whom the depreciation report was obtained and a description of that person’s qualifications, the error and omission insurance, if any, carried by that person, and the relationship between that person and the strata corporation.

5. The date of the report.

6. Any other information or analysis that the strata corporation or the person providing the depreciation report considers appropriate.

AWQS Consulting is a Quantity Surveying Company that specializes in construction cost planning, building condition assessments, capital planning and depreciation reports. We also provide depreciation report interpretation and analysis for buyers of condominiums. 
We are experienced in cost consulting, estimating, building condition assessments, depreciation reports and maintenance of buildings you live in, and we work within the current building regulations
We hereby certify that we are the “qualified persons” authorized to conduct Depreciation Reports, as specified in B.C. Regulations 43/2000 under British Columbia Strata Property Amendment Act, 2009.
The Reserve Fund Study is prepared in conformity with accepted practices for reserve fund studies, and it conforms to the standards for reserve fund studies, published by Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.